About us


Fairwinds Private Equity (formerly Reliance Private Equity) is an India focused private equity fund that invests in growth and buy-out opportunities in fast growing companies in India. Fairwinds was formed when the founding team of Reliance Private Equity (established in 2009) concluded a spin off into an independent asset manager.
Fairwinds Asset Managers manages the Reliance Alternative Investments Fund – Private Equity Scheme I, which was raised over 2009-10 with a view to investing in emerging and existing mid- to large-cap companies in sunrise industries that mirrored the India growth story, to help them achieve industry or sector leadership. We continue to focus on companies in India engaged primarily in domestic consumption, services, manufacturing and infrastructure allied businesses. The fund is fully now invested within its commitment period into eight companies that mirror our investment thesis.
As a Fund, we continue to follow our philosophy of looking for target companies which have strong fundamentals and a performance track record along with robust accounting, regulatory and governance framework. We pursue an active engagement policy with the promoters and managements of all of these companies, and have come to be recognized in the Indian private equity space as an excellent source of both capital and counsel to companies in search of a higher growth trajectory. We believe that our investment is the first step in a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the companies we engage with, and eschew investments that require us to follow a passive investment style. We follow a consultative policy and are involved in every way that can help promoters, and companies energize their aggressive growth plans.
We have an excellent team with a proven track record in private equity investments and industry and a history of helping build companies not only with capital but also with close personal involvement in the capacity of board members and advisors. The Team possesses extensive hands-on experience working with Indian family owned and promoter driven companies and a strong network and reputation among them.